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Here the bands are divided alphabetically, so if you are searching for one band in particular you'd better look for it in the previous page!

In this section you'll find the covers of the CHAOSCORE / ULTRACORE / HC/GRIND / GRINDCORE / GORE-GRIND / POWERVIOLENCE / GRIND/NOISE / NOISE records from 1982 to today.
You can find all of the NOISECORE records in its own section.

I've not listed DEMO-TAPES.
Only recordings on VINYL and COMPACT DISC.

Consider that this section is in constant updating.
It's not complete and definitive, just like the NOISECORE Discography.
Too many bands and records, actually.
Here there are more than 8,000 covers/sleeves of the recordings and they are on the increase week by week.
So, go and see the new ones from time to time.

Some covers may impress or offend for their explicit content.
I warned you when they are potentially disturbing.
I put a black picture with a WARNING in the place of the original sleeve to prevent its accidental sight.
Those who want to see it in spite of my advice can do it by their own choice AT THEIR OWN RISK!
It's up to you!


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