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I'm fighting my revolution
I fight for my heart to be free
I'm checking out your emotions
Wanna know if you feel just like me

I'm feeling my revolution
I'm feeling it so deep inside
Do you think you have a solution
To mend this troubled heart of mine

I'm in heaven
Won't you come here with me
I don't know, what will be
But I want you in my reality

Revolution, oh

Love is changing me in special ways
And I've never felt this before
It lights up my life
Gives me thrills inside
And I know tonight
That tomorrow will give me more

Love is like a melody
Sing the song that I want to hear
Soft and strong it turns me on
Your love is near, will see on
Your love is here

You're starting this revolution
Do you know what you've done to me?
It's a tricky love situation
I know you're here in it with me

I'm fighting my revolution
Are you sure it is not a dream
I have to take my decision
But it isn't easy now to see

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