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Rain On Alexanderplatz




Crazy little girl you'll dream on forever
To leave this town for a western Mecca
Crazy little girl in love with the D.J.
Cause he has some tapes and some five o ones

David Bowie sings just a mile away from here
While the silent crowd gathers to the wall with fear

Crazy little girl you don't hide your sorrow
You dress in black and you dye your hair blue
Crazy little girl your hopes are so shallow
Always smiling back to those who smile at you

Now the music echoes right across the border
And it suffocates all the yells of hope and hate

There's rain on Alexanderplatz

Crazy little girl it's now or it's never
Don't waste your time let it be your secret
Crazy little girl in all this disorder
You can cross the hole and run away

But never turn your back every step might be your last
You can concentrate on the striking of the brass

There's rain on Alexanderplatz
There's rain on Alexanderplatz

Don't give up! In the name of freedom
Don't give up, don't give up my friend
In the name of liberty

There's rain on Alexanderplatz
There's rain on Alexanderplatz

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