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Madeleine O




Step right up ladies, gentlemen
We're hoping that you're ready for the show
'Cause Madeleine O. is back in town

She's brought the dancers and the orchestra
Is really gonna blow
'Cause Madeleine knows just how to help you get down

Whenever she's playing I'll be there
And nothing can raise me from my chair
I've seen her a thousand times before
But Madeleine always gives a little bit more

What for

Up in the balcony it's hard to tell
If you have really changed
The lights and the music do the trick

A cast of elements reflected in your face you rearrange
If I didn't know you
I would think you were a freak

Whenever I see you on the stage
I wonder why you can't act your age
A standing ovation they can't see
The signs that I notice when you're closer to me

Come home
With me

I know
You're a star
But time is running faster than before

Madeleine O.
After the show
What makes you stay
Here at the theater?

Your dressing room
Papered in gloom
Madeleine say
You'll stay with me

The flowers that they bring you at the curtain
Are the ones you used last night
They seem to get better with the days

But come tomorrow they will shrivel up and die
Without a fight
Oh Madeleine this is all I wanted to say

The show must go on but so must we
As every trouper would agree
The smell of the greasepaint gets you high
And helps you forget that you are living a lie

Don't cry
Don't say

I know
You're a star
The spotlight's in your heart and in your soul

Madeleine O.
After the show
What makes you stay
Here at the theater?

You need a fix
Up to old tricks
Madeleine how
Happy we'll be

Madeleine, please
Take two of these
When will you stop
Fixing your make-up?

Come take my hand
Tears on command
If it's a dream
Never to wake

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