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Color My Love




When I'm lost and down
It's you that I miss
Now my love is somewhere
Lost in your kiss

And my heart is beating
I need you, baby
You can get me high
You can drive me crazy

I need you, you're so funny
I love you 'cause you are sweet honey
Put me now in a new direction
With your love and, and with your affection

Color my love
With a flower or just a kiss
Color my love
I see dreams when I kiss your lips

Color my love
On a rainbow, just me and you
Color my love
Love has a colour, the colour of my love is you

Well, there will be noone to take your place
You can color my love, my world, my space
When you say you love me
Looking through the window
I can see the stars playing with the rainbow

Close to you there's no darkness
When I'm with you there's no sadness
Take my hand, I need all your protection
And I'll give you all my love and passion

Color my love
With a flower or just a kiss
Color my love
Love has a color, the color of my love is you

We can take a trip in a magic heaven
Living in a fantasy
Flowers everywhere
Out in space and no cares
Only you can get me high
And can color my, my, my...

Color my love
I need your touch, your love, you're too much
Color my love
With your good style, I dress me up

Color my love
When I'm with you all my dreams come true...

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