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Ten Years Ago




Iím brushiní up my memories
My brain is like a camera
Itís showiní me some pictures of my life

Among those photographs of mind
An unforgettable image
Can make me recognize your face

To strike the balance of my life
Is simply useless now for me
My watch is always slow, you know Iím weak

You wanted me to be so strong
I couldnít take a chance on you
And now I know that I was wrong
A real fool

If I could buy the years I spent
Iíd put them in a money-box
So I could live that time again with you

I wasnít there to squeeze your hand
When you needed me and now
Itís late to realize the price
Iíve lost

Ten years ago 
All my life was just a videogame
Ten years ago 
Remember, remember

Ten years ago 
I was sure that I could buy the world
Ten years ago

How strange is sometimes to recall
Your mind can fly, but you can follow
ĎCause your body is not so free and I

Iíd like to know if youíre in love
If you just think of me sometimes
But to my questions no reply
Itís too late

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