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Wrong Direction




Close my eyes and find someone
Lying next to me
But I'm only dreaming
Of places I'm never gonna see

A sound cuts through like broken glass
Remember what he said
It's the last time baby
Nothing matters anyway

I don't believe in magic
I can't find love in anything
I won't pretend I feel it
So tell me where to begin

I can hear what you say
When I look I see you turn away
Thought it could never happen to me
Feels like I spent eternity
Moving in the wrong direction

Taking chances every day
What should I do
Should I say nothing
Now I can't be alone with you...

Moving, moving in the wrong direction 
Can you hear me?

I've always thought
That if I tried enough
I'd get the things
That I've been dreaming of

Live my life with the best intention
Find my way in the right direction
But sooner or later I'm gonna see
That I don't have a place in this society

I've gotta get away now
And find someone new
But I'm still in love with you...

Moving, moving in the wrong direction
You're gonna find me moving
Moving in the wrong direction...

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